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I don't believe in biographies.
Those are for important people
(or really cool ones).



A quick look at British and American spelling

American english is like real english but badly spelled…

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They say Brits play the best villains.

I need to date a villain, then.

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Well, it starts off with John alone until he finds Sherlock. They solve crimes together and John moves in after killing some dude with teeth. John gets wrapped in explosives by Moriarty and Sherlock freaks out a lotta bit. The Woman tries to bang Sherlock. Sherlock doesn’t bang The Woman. Sherlock jumps off a building and breaks John’s heart. Sherlock comes back from the dead wanting to bang John, but he can’t because John’s banging an assassin he doesn’t know is an assassin. Go figure. The assassin assassinates Sherlock and he goes to his Mind Palace that’s a shrine to his love for all things John and comes back from the dead, like, again but for real this time. He kills Hannibal’s brother for John. Moriarty was fake dead, too. John still doesn’t bang Sherlock.

Sherlock: A Summary by my sixteen year old brother who was asked to summarize the show for class. (via mycroft-silently-judges-you)

About sums it up. No more to be said really. (via welovethebeekeeper)

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John Watson according to character tropes: season 3 

Sherlock Holmes: (x

Beautiful. Also see this one

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Sherlock Holmes according to character tropes: season 3 

Goes perfectly with this one. :)

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It got better.

Yes, it really did.

Music is a universal language.

But there is no such thing as Latin American Spanish. Travel across LatAm and each country has different accents and words.

I, as an argentinian, can’t understand Latin American Spanish

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'Major James Sholto. Who he?'

But of course you do, John.

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In celebration of the April 1st Canadian release of The Hollow Crown on DVD, Shakespeare’s 450th birthday year, and to thank all of our wonderful followers for their support and enthusiasm for the series over the past year, we are pleased to announce a DVD Giveaway! NBCUniversal has generously donated three copies of The Hollow Crown The Complete Series in Region 1 format all for you, the fans!

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  • Limited to 1 reblog per day (each one counts as an entry)
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the inner workings of T Hiddy.

I haven’t slept in three days… This post is a result of that.

I’m sorry not sorry 

inspired by this post (x)

This actually made me laugh out loud


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